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Content management system (CMS) website refers to the type of website on which the owner can add or remove data without the help of professional web designers. In this type of websites, the web developer gives access to a generic data entry mechanism which allows you to update and change your products placed on the website. All you have to do is to operate through database management forms.

Boundless technologies is a specialized web developer in CMS website design. We also work in word press website design, Joomla website design as well as Magento website design. We have been operating as web developers. CMS websites reduce the time for data update and gives liberty to the owner for type, quality, and quantity of data contents.

Websites developed using Joomla, word press and Magento help in content management on the sites. CMS designed websites is useful in the case where data needs to be updated regularly or at real time. It lowers your cost of managing website because the developer runs a database behind web pages and gives you the data changing controls. Therefore in order to change the data you need not involve highly paid professionals. Data entry forms are easy to operate and handle.

Boundless technologies provide complete independence to its CMS website clients throughout Worldwide. Our team of highly skilled individuals is always on toes to prepare top quality CMS based websites in the Pakistan. We not only prepare quality products, we also apprise our customers regarding its operation. We hope and assure that you will enjoy full control over your website.

Our Packages  

SILVERone time

$Rs 75,000/mo
silver medal - CMS Websites Karachi
  • 40 Pages Data Entry
  • NO Training
  • 1 Month Initial Maintenance
  • 2 Revisions
  • 2 Mockups
  • Social Media Integration
  • Google Analytics
  • CSS Based
  • No SEO Friendly
  • 1 Feedback / Inquiry Form
  • Domain Registration
  • 250MB 1 Year Hosting
  • 25 Email Accounts
  • 5GB Bandwidth
  • CPanel
  • My SQL

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GOLDone time

$Rs 93,000/mo
gold medal - CMS Websites Karachi
  • 60 Pages Data Entry
  • Training Included
  • 1 Month Initial Maintenance
  • 5 Revisions
  • 3 Mockups
  • Social Media Integration
  • Google Analytics
  • CSS Based
  • NO SEO Friendly
  • 2 Feedback / Inquiry Form
  • Domain Registration
  • 500MB 1 Year Hosting
  • 50 Email Accounts
  • 5GB Bandwidth
  • CPanel
  • My SQL

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DIAMONDone time

$Rs 1,16,000/mo
diamond medal - CMS Websites Karachi
  • 80 Pages Data Entry
  • Training Included
  • 2 Months Initial Maintenance
  • 10 Revisions
  • 5 Mockups
  • Social Media Integration
  • Google Analytics
  • CSS Based
  • SEO Friendly
  • 5 Feedback / Inquiry Form
  • Domain Registration
  • 1GB 1 Year Hosting
  • 100 Email Accounts
  • 10GB Bandwidth
  • CPanel
  • My SQL

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BRONZEone time

$Rs 1,45,000/mo
bronze medal - CMS Websites Karachi
  • 100 Pages Data Entry
  • Training Included
  • 3 Months Initial Maintenance
  • 15 Revisions
  • 10 Mockups
  • Social Media Integration
  • Google Analytics
  • CSS Based
  • SEO Friendly
  • 10 Feedback / Inquiry Form
  • Domain Registration
  • Unlimited 1 Year Hosting
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • CPanel
  • My SQL

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cms 1 - CMS Websites Karachi



Word press is another open source CMS used for data transforming websites. Boundless technologies take advantage of such sources to cope with customers’ demands regarding data transforming websites. Word press has worldwide acceptance and prestige. It started as a simple and today it hosts more than 60 million sites around the globe. Our team has expertise on how to operate and manage data on word press. We offer you the opportunity to choose any of the CMS resources, we’ll deliver you the product.



Joomla is a worldwide best solution to content management system websites. We believe in total customer satisfaction. We provide an ideal Joomla web plot. We have specialist web developers who will offer many dynamic, outclassed, creative and innovative Joomla site plots. Joomla web design company stands out for its contended customer services. Joomla can be adapted for easy and rapid data transition websites.


Drupal CMS Framework  

Drupal is another source for Content management like Joomla and word press. It most easy to use and operate, it offers wide control over data contents and appearance. You can choose magnitude of data and the web plot. Drupal offers more opportunities for versatile webpages. The main function is the same that is preserves your choice to change data at any stage. It is an open source with widespread functions. `

General Features

Search Engines Friendly Structure
Entry in Search Engines Web Directories
Dynamic Database Driven Pages
Product Catalogue
Sitemap & FAQ Pages
News Section
Flash Animation (where applicable)
Inline & Online Administration
Themes / Skins, Trash

DHTML Enhanced Menu (if required)
CSS (cascading style sheets)
JavaScript (where applicable)
2 Feedback/Enquiry Forms
1 Month Initial Maintenance
Website Management Tools
Advertising & Asset Management, Content Scheduling
Web Statistics

Style / Template Management
Server Page Language
Workflow Engine, Email To Discussion, Friendly URLs Image Resizing
Macro Language & Prototyping
Design Unlimited Pages
Insert Unlimited Product Pages


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