Advantages of Franchising – for the Franchisors

Franchisors have an established concept, one that has successfully survived and thrived in its respective industry.

Selling your franchise is a relatively risk-free method of expansion that is also cost effective. It allows you to expand while gaining a larger global consumer-base. Adding On, you’re not simply investing in other countries, but investing in people that will help take your business to the next level, with their unique point of view and outlook.

Royalties are an important part and incentive to being a franchisor. As the franchisor not only do you receive the initial investment cost from the franchisees for opening their store(s), but you also get royalty payments from the franchisee which is a lump sum percentage of monthly earnings.

Ultimately selling your franchise is a relatively hassle free method of expanding your operations whether it be in the same country or globally.

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