Don Boroian chats with the CEO Roundtable Show

Don Boroian, Francorp Chairman and founder, recently was a guest on the CEO Roundtable Show hosted by Jason Garey and Kevin Dunn.

The hosts spent the hour radio show talking with Boroian about the current franchise industry and more specifically about Francorp’s past, present, and future as well about his background and some of the influences on his career.

“Ray Kroc of McDonald’s was my first inspiration,” Boroian said. “When I read about what he was doing with those small hamburger places was something that stuck with me.

“Actually, when I started my consulting business I rented an office in the McDonald’s building and I would often ride up the elevator with Ray and we would talk quite a bit. Watching his work ethic, his vision, and what he was accomplishing was impressive.”

Boroian finished the show talking with Garey and Dunn about the expansion of United States companies in the International franchise market and then about his legacy.

“I hope that I have helped advance the cause of businesses in one way or another,” Boroian said. “A contribution that has allowed people to become business owners as franchisees.”

To listen to a recording of the July 15 show, visit and click on the 7-15-2015 entry from the Recent Shows box.

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