Meet Our Team

The Francorp team of franchise consultants have extensive experience and credentials that will help you to quickly meet your goals.



President, Francorp Pakistan

Anila haq comes from a strong business family background. She and her husband together being involved in developing and running 17 holding companies under the banner of Haq Holdings for the last two decades. A bachelor in arts with an Electrical engineering degree, she has been involved with the family business right from the beginning of her married life.

Before starting the Francorp operation in Pakistan she was involved in the business development and management of their engineering company known as Instrumentation &Management Systems.

Francorp started in September 2012, under the leadership of Anila Haq. The goal here is to provide onestop services to all the local businesses in Pakistan for their franchising needs. She is the licensee/ franchisee of Francorp in Pakistan. Anila plays an important role in consulting and advising different businesses, which are willing to expand through franchising locally and internationally. Keeping a sharp eye on the new upcoming concepts great for franchising, she is always on a lookout for some new ideas, which can be converted into a brand name.

At Francorp she is responsible for looking after the franchise development documents, bringing new concept from abroad, Franchise audit for existing network, Business evaluation for selling an existing business, Training the staff for an existing franchisor, pointing out loop holes in an existing network and advising for a better and efficient system. Francorp Inc, founded in 1976, is the world's leading franchise consulting and development organization with four operating companies: Francorp Consulting, Francorp Connect, Francorp Capital, Francorp International. Headquartered in the state of Chicago, USA. Francorp has offices in Argentina, Chile, Egypt, Japan, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Malaysia, Mexico, Philippines, Pakistan, Singapore, Syria, South Africa, United Arab Emirates.

Management Team

The Francorp team of franchise consultants have extensive experience and credentials that will help you quickly meet your goals.

We offer services of coordinated & strategic planning, legal as well as operations & marketing services, all under one roof. This is the history, how we have become the leaders in the industry over the years.

The Francorp team of experts, started with one individual, who literally wrote the book on franchising. (Two books, actually). Donald Boroian pioneered the franchise consulting industry in 1976, working with such clients as Hershey Foods, Arco, Texaco, Nutrasweet, Nestle, John Deere, Popeye's Fried Chicken, Ryder Trucks, USA Baby, and Valvoline and now the team is ready to serve the clients in Pakistan.

Moona Sohail Consulting Manager/ Operational Consultant

Moona Sohail is a Consultant in Francorp-pakistan Operations Services, where she consults with franchisers for creating and customizing procedures to assist them in achieving an optimum level of efficiency in their business operations.

Sohail Sachwani Marketing Manager

As a Consultant in the Marketing Services, Sohail Sachwani develops Franchise Marketing Plans and Franchise Marketing Folders that are custom tailored to assist clients in the promotion and selling of their franchises.

Haris Ali Abbasi Strategic Consultant

As a Consultant in Strategic Planning, Haris Ali Abbasi gathers data on a wide array of business concepts and creates customized reports, which are critical in formulating franchise programs as well as the feasibility of their expansion programs for Francorp Pakistan clients.

Mohammad Farooq Legal Advisor

As a Consultant in the Legal Services, Mohammad Farooq is responsible for the preparation of franchise legal documents as well as taking care of the clients’ franchise registrations with the Registrar of Franchises (RoF).

Faisal Abbasi Finance Manager

Faisal Abbasi comes from a strong finance background. Faisal plays an important role in the finance department with his talent in finance planning &budgeting.

Maymoonah Ahmed Human Resource Officer

Maymoonah Ahmed comes from strong Human Resource background, she is an aggressive recruiter and planner. She is extremely confident on all issues related to HR.