Operations Services

Francorp will develop a comprehensive Operations Manual that lists in detail all of the tasks required to operate the business, from unit opening to unit closing. The Operations Manual serves as a vital reference tool for franchisees once training is complete.

Franchise Operations Manual

It is very important that a franchisor has an exceptionally well documented and a proven system of operation in the form of an operations manual. In fact this could be amongst the most valuable asset that the franchisor provides to the franchise structure. The benefits of having the right manuals are as follows:

• They form the core of what the franchise has to do and helps in defining their roles clearly and eventually help them to run the franchise efficiently.

• Since the operation manual contains detailed measures, it helps diminish time and effort for the franchisor and franchisee whilst assisting new franchisees

• Operation manuals are a very effective training tool, which ensures uniformity and consistency in the franchise system.

• When the operations and roles are clear, they form a strong base to the franchise agreement.

• We have noticed at several times that while a franchisor goes about creating these manuals it helps them scrutinize their businesses minutely and bring about improvements in the way they currently run their business.

• Operation manuals help the franchisor create a base system upon which changes are constantly made whilst markets & technologies change. It becomes easier to bring about these changes and put it across the entire system for efficient implementations.

We have also seen that these documents when done professionally form amongst the strongest tools of selling a franchise program.

Francorp-Pakistan can help you in addition to create the following manuals to strengthen your franchising:

Pre-Opening Procedures Manuals:

These manuals help anybody, even without the industry experience; get started with the opening and beginning of a franchise system.

Daily Systems & Procedures Manuals:

These manuals focus on what needs to done, how and when and how to efficiently manage day-to-day operations.

Sales & Marketing Manuals:

These manuals ensure that the franchise follows the recommended marketing activities which they must follow to ensure that the products or services are known to the catchment. It also focuses on how the franchisee has to handle the brand ethos and improve the branding in their regions for mutual benefits.

Personnel Manuals:

Ensure that the franchisees comply with the HR policies effectively and ensure that they have the right systems within their set ups to encourage and retain personnel. Things like personnel policies, job descriptions, hiring and training procedures, remuneration and benefits, terminations and all the other areas, which are so critical to the success of a franchise program.

Accounting & Bookkeeping Manuals:

Numbers and reporting of numbers form the essence of all businesses and hence the right accounting and reporting manuals go a long way in ensuring that there is proper synchrony in the entire business and there are no leakages. Hence making it imperative especially in the Indian contexts where you have parallel economy and other factors that contribute to several systems and checks that have to be followed for a successful franchise program.

Technical Manuals:

In case the nature of business is very technical and needs specific manuals for the same, we work with the franchisor, to be able to ensure that the franchisees are able to easily function with these technical manuals.

Training Manuals:

To specifically train your franchisees, employees of franchisees or for that matter the franchisor team. Each franchise system needs to have a specific training manual at all levels.