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Cloud based Open Source ERP and CRM | Odoo

The curious nature of human beings lead them to innovation. As businesses expanded  from a single shop to multiple and moved on to cover cities and countries, operations  management became more complex than it ever was. While a few enterprises opted  for isolated management modules, others simply couldn’t rely on it. They had to see  things in total. Hence came in a solution that could integrate multiple applications so  enterprise owner can work their way smoothly. Such solutions provide a lot of assistance in automating back office operations.


Odoo is one such enterprise resource planning and management software that comprising of an integrated suite of business modules. It includes customer relationship management (CRP), e-commerce, accounting, billing, project management and many other things like that. All these modules effectively aim to communicate with each other for exchange of information. It has over 30 main modules that are updated on the regular basis. In addition, there are more than 16,000 third-party plugins that are easily available at its app store. Customers can start with subsets and also have the freedom to add more modules if and when needed.

Previously known as an OpenERP and was available at the cloud and different where business owners could use, it is the best cloud ERP and is highly customizable. Customers can access the settings of the software and can make changes in the modules according to their requirement based on the events or organization. Odoo can also easily integrate with other systems including payments and external shipping like Amazon and eBay. It is available in two versions; one is free, and the other one is paid, along with android apps for the paid version.

ERP software are known for providing integrated and agile solutions to businesses of numerous sizes and types, however, Odoo is different in a way that it empowers businesses by offering multiple MRP, POS and e-commerce functions while integrating all sales channels needed for solid inventory and corporate management. Odoo is an all inclusive ERP solution that specializes in offering business management, sales, project management and manufacturing support under the same umbrella. Being able to provide an all inclusive corporate management package, Odoo ERP helps businesses increase efficiency and decrease time, efforts and cost consumption.

Odoo is an integrated ERP solution and being a cloud based option, it offers multiple level plans with the basic free plan, sufficient for approximately fifty users. It has solid technical support and usability benefits as each month, about three hundred apps are added to it and the solution is compatible with over twenty five languages. Odoo has global reach and clientele as it is free from the usual language, regional and operation barriers, making it an absolute ideal for international businesses.

Features/ Modules of the Odoo ERP

Being an open source solution, the modules can be convinently modified at its code level. Its expanse or breadth has tools that address sales, the invoicing point of sale, Email Marketing and more. Here are some modules, which represent the ERP’s functionality;


One can easily maintain inventory and sales through automated stock adjustment and reporting. The customer portals allow maintaining data in an organized manner. Customers can download the invoice and can have a look upon different orders, along with pending orders through the same location.



Odoo offers unique double entry inventory management that helps track the product from supplier to the customer. Customers can also pack their items with or without the barcode scanners according to their need. It prepares orders for customers in accordance to their availability.



Odoo offers an invoice system which allows customers to add their data, and provides instant access to the accounting features through mobile devices. With a single click, different companies can easily deal with the issues related to the assets.



Odoo provides a dashboard that details information about sales and products. It also helps the customers to have experience and strategies so they may configure and deploy their CRM effectively. In addition, it also has a mobile user interface that accommodates the sales team even without an internet connection, and restores data to cloud once connected to the internet.

Manufacturing ERP

Manufacturing ERP  

Multiple companies can efficiently use this to manage their assembly and manufacturing operations. It also triggers the quality check for the manufacturing department so that customers can have the quality products.


Odoo has an excellent module when it comes to Employee management. The employ module can hold the details about all the employees; their name, ID and status. Customers can list down weekly or monthly work so you can get to know about the time spent by the employee on the project.

Odoo ERP Implementation

There are three different ways through which you can imply the Odoo ERP. Customers can implement;
the software by themselves
with the help of Odoo by purchasing success packs
with the help of Odoo partners
During the implementation phase, customers receive assistance from the project managers of Odoo as they are assigned to check the requirements of the customers. This enables the customers to define the solution with respect to their needs and business requirements, that is in accordance with their work flow and business model.

Benefits of Odoo ERP

Even though Odoo has such an incredible functionality, it is extremely simple to use and provides the most streamlined and easy to manage interface. Another feature that makes Odoo unique is th St it has over thousand modules and you can always add more to it while using and expanding the operations. Being so resiliently modular, Odoo can be termed as an embodiment of lowered TCO (total cost of ownership) as it replaces many of the business management apps and tools. It improves user experience, product/project management and delivery, reporting and reduced project cycle times. Odoo offers a completely free lifetime package, which is perfect for startups and small businesses. It is highly flexible and can be transformed as per the existing and revolting business. When it comes to benefits, Odoo has a lot to offer, once you implement it into your corporate operations, you’ll see how effortlessly it merges with your business structure and replace some major functions. Some core Odoo benefits include:

Single Stop Solution

Odoo is a comprehensive software that is designed to handle a number of business modules likes sales and reporting, human.resources, manufacturing and inventory, project management, CRM, accounting and billing, e-Commerce etc. Haven’t by numerous useful apps, Odoo literally replaces all other business software as it already had different modules for every business section. Odoo community is quite active and keeps adding useful apps to its library so that the users have all the help and support they need.

Ease of Implementation

Based on a modular system, Odoo can be implemented as per the user, or business, pace and requirement. For example, at initial stage, certain business only wants sales and marketing, human resources and accounting modules but after some time, they are looking to expand and add project management, manufacturing and e Commerce sections also. With Odoo it can add the modules one at a time and according to when the need rises. The feature is quite helpful for businesses who want to analyze the results of the implementation before moving forward with it.

Wide and Active Community

Odoo has a thriving and Active Community of developers and supporters. Since the software is extremely compatible with a great number of business and operations, it has a huge community, which is further augmented with it being an open source software. It’s community license is free and as mentioned earlier, even with fewer features, it is efficient enough to support a small and, to some extent, mid sized enterprises. The developers are constantly at work of making it better, which is quite evident with the number of apps that are added to Odoo each month. Having such a following also means that any bugs, shortcomings and technical issues are also solved in time and by expert Odoo software engineers and developers.

Accurate Forecasting

With a help of Odoo ERP, businesses can make accurate and in time forecasts regarding their business and sales. Forecasting plays a vital role in helping the businesses in understanding their business’s future needs and how their consumers are interpreting them. For example, manufacturing like FMCG companies can really benefit with this feature as They could forsee how much of their products are needed and at what ratio the demand is expected to increase. In this way, they can always be on time with ample supply. Similarly, businesses working through RFP (Request for Proposal) basis can make nearly accurate budget proposals and increase their chances of securing the business contract.

Cost Effective Solution

Odoo is an extremely cost effective option for startups, small sized and mid sized businesses that are looking to have benefits in less budget. Unlike any other upscale ERP, that would require you to buy the license and then pay for the upgrade and implementation, you can get the Odoo software free download from the official website along with a free license. Once you get the software and license, you can use the existing budget for additions and buying of useful apps and for further software upgrade also. The feature is quite helpful as this makes Odoo an absolutely global ERP that could be used by multiple types and sizes of business.

Ease of Integration

Odoo has easy integration and API friendly interface that allows easy software integration. Many businesses like to use specialized app and software for their operations, like QuickBooks for accounting and financial management and do not want to let go of it. In such case, they can integrate it with their Odoo ERP and continue using it. Besides, Odoo can be integrated with multiple other useful software and enhance its usability.

Availability of Multiple Options

Odoo is available in both cloud based and on-premises hosting plans and businesses can choose what is good for them. Many businesses want to have full control on their systems and, therefore, they like to have an on-premises host so that they can manage it accordingly while many other are good with cloud hosting as they do not want to get into any technicalities. Other options are Odoo community and Enterprise versions. Community version comes with fewer features and with put customer support but is still good enough for small companies and startups. Enterprise version has all the features and still a cost effective option as compared to several other ERP solutions.

High and Effective Scalability

Odoo comes with high business scalability and with it, a business can measure and scale it’s present and future operations with accuracy lane ease. An ideal ERP is one that grows and expands with a business and the business can see where they’re headed through it. Idol’s modular system offers this benefit to businesses as with it they can scale their business needs and add more modules and users to it. For example, with the increase in employees, business can add more users to its Odoo software without compromising with the initial features and benefits. Similarly, with an increase in the marketing or development team, the manager can add them to its system with continue interacting with them through their tasksheets, calendars and feedback.

Ease of Navigation

For any user, to have a difficult interface can bee the most difficult part of working with a software. Odoo, as expandable and customizable it is, has an easy to navigate interface. As one of the Odoo partners, we understand how annoying it can be to invest on an ERP and then not being able to take full advantage of itbecause of its difficult user interface. Keeping it in view we try to make the process as easy as possible and help you understand Odoo’s already simple interface. Once you log into it, easy to follow directions will help you through each step and set up the modules as per your needs, which makes Odoo ideal for multiple businesses.

Increase in Team Efficiency and Cooperation

It happens with every business that they have a number of repetitive tasks like reporting, financing and accounting, managing of employee calendar etc. These tasks may seem small but they can consume up to one third of your time, which can be otherwise used for other jobs. By integrating into your core business operations, Odoo minimizes your time spent on these repetitive tasks so that you are your team members can focus on other important things like maximizing the sales, working on new strategies and identifying business opportunities. Odoo is a great choice for virtual and semi virtual teams as they can stay connected with each other. Team collaboration is key to successful business operations and with Odoo, all departments and team members can stay connected and share important information with a few clicks.

All in all, Odoo is not just another ERP solution, but it is unlike any other and the benefits it offers are hard to be found with other REPs. It has a wholly integrated system and quality that melds into your business system and customize itself as per your corporate requirements.

Looking for a Licensed Odoo Partner?

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Best Customer Service

Odoo offers training, free trial, videos and user documentation for testing the software as different companies check the software. Customer owning a success pack get assisted with live chat or application around the clock from Monday to Friday. Customers can always ask questions regarding the Odoo apps for their better understanding. The training packages are molded with respect to customers’ comfort; they may choose to pay for software training for a single class or for an year. It is a very cost effective solution and costs $20 per user per month and the $25 per user per month for new users and also the additional cost of applications ranging between $15and $90. It does not provide phone support, and it is advisable to acquire proper training for people who do not understand ERP, or haven’t used one before.