Corporate Email Hosting

Corporate Email Hosting

Communication is the key in business. With technology’s aid, postal letters have been replaced by emails. Be it cold emails, project pitching, finalizing project details or even regular buying and selling, email has taken up on our daily life routines and has made a drastic change on how business communication was carried out 50 years back.

While there are many free email service providers in the market, it doesn’t seem very professional to have an email address with Hotmail, Yahoo or even Gmail. It doesn’t give the right and serious impression of your business and make you seem like a phony.

You may have your email configured at the same server you have you’re hosting at. However, the down side with that is often, you’re emails ending up at receiver’s spam, or junk folders. This hurdle can be overcome by opting for proper Email service providers.

Boundless technologies brings the most accurate, reliable and trusted international email hosting solutions to ease your business needs, from Rackspace, G Suit and Office 365. Each solution have their unique benefits. Based on your needs, our experts will provide you with what should be the best choice for you.


Rackspace email hosting in the business world and provides the best cloud computing services. Contact Now

Starts at $2.00/user/month

Office 365

Power your business with Exchange, Office and full suite of productivity tools. Contact Now

Starts at $8.00/user/month

G Suite

It is the professional office suite with 30 GB storage memory. Contact Now

Starts at $7.00/user/month


Rackspace provides different packages to the users so that they can operate on it according to their need and requirement. It provides a mailbox per month in $2, which is not much expensive. Additionally, it also provides efficient services to the users, which are so reasonable in this amount. It provides fully managed web-based email service, 25GB mailboxes per user and 50 MB attachment for per message. Therefore, you can easily send and receive huge messages without any trouble. Additionally, it is the safest email service provider as it has premium spam and virus protection and has secure IMAP for mobile and Outlook. It also provides 100% application uptime guarantee. It has an easy to use Email control panel, which does not need many efforts, and one can easily understand what he or she needs to do.

It helps the users in Email forwarding, access anywhere and advanced message filtering. This message filtering will avoid your Email to get bombarded with extra Emails, which are not useful for you as it can confuse the user to a larger extent. Once you delete the Email, you can also undelete it in case if you have deleted it accidentally or has some other issue.

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G Suit

Coming from a renowned and trusted global IT company, G Suite edition is the best Email service provider and helps generating a custom Email that is in alignment with your company name. It operates at all levels no matter what size of business you run, having package plans for small, medium and large businesses as well.

There are three editions of G Suite; The Basic edition 30 GB storage memory and costs $7 per user per month. The Business edition has enhanced office suite with unlimited storage memory and archiving, and it costs $12 per user per month. It has unlimited storage or 1 TB per user if fewer than 5 users. The Enterprise edition is a premium office suite with the most advanced capabilities and controls that costs $30 per user per month. You can also connect it easily through business email to Gmail and also can conduct video and voice conferences. It also has unlimited storage or the same 1 TB storage per user if fewer than 5 users. It also has security and administrative controls.

Office 365

This hosting solution comes from one of the oldest and trusted software company in the IT industry. While Office 365 has brought all the neat office applications from Microsoft, online, it also provides cloud email service.

Office 365 gives you 50GB of email space with the liberty of using custom email domain address. With this solution, you can easily share working documents within your office staff and have things done quicker and ealier without any hustle.

If you simply wish to use the cloud email service, you can go for Business Essential package that only cost $5 a month, and doesn’t have any of the office applications. Or you may go for Business Premium at a cost of $12 per month so you may use the cloud office applications

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