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Communication is the key in business. With technology’s aid, postal letters have been replaced by emails. Be it cold emails, project pitching, finalizing project details or even regular buying and selling, email has taken up on our daily life routines and has made a drastic change on how business communication was carried out 50 years back.

While there are many free email service providers in the market, it doesn’t seem very professional to have an email address with Hotmail, Yahoo or even Gmail. It doesn’t give the right and serious impression of your business and make you seem like a phony.

You may have your email configured at the same server you have you’re hosting at. However, the down side with that is often, you’re emails ending up at receiver’s spam, or junk folders. This hurdle can be overcome by opting for proper Email service providers.

Boundless technologies brings the most accurate, reliable and trusted international email hosting solutions to ease your business needs, from Rackspace, G Suit and Office 365. Each solution have their unique benefits. Based on your needs, our experts will provide you with what should be the best choice for you.


Rackspace email hosting in the business world and provides the best cloud computing services. Contact Now

Starts at $2.00/user/month

Office 365

Power your business with Exchange, Office and full suite of productivity tools. Contact Now

Starts at $8.00/user/month

G Suite

It is the professional office suite with 30 GB storage memory. Contact Now

Starts at $7.00/user/month


Rackspace provides different packages to the users so that they can operate on it according to their need and requirement. It provides a mailbox per month in $2, which is not much expensive. Additionally, it also provides efficient services to the users, which are so reasonable in this amount. It provides fully managed web-based email service, 25GB mailboxes per user and 50 MB attachment for per message. Therefore, you can easily send and receive huge messages without any trouble. Additionally, it is the safest email service provider as it has premium spam and virus protection and has secure IMAP for mobile and Outlook. It also provides 100% application uptime guarantee. It has an easy to use Email control panel, which does not need many efforts, and one can easily understand what he or she needs to do.

It helps the users in Email forwarding, access anywhere and advanced message filtering. This message filtering will avoid your Email to get bombarded with extra Emails, which are not useful for you as it can confuse the user to a larger extent. Once you delete the Email, you can also undelete it in case if you have deleted it accidentally or has some other issue.

Rackspace Email
G suite

G Suit

Coming from a renowned and trusted global IT company, G Suite edition is the best Email service provider and helps generating a custom Email that is in alignment with your company name. It operates at all levels no matter what size of business you run, having package plans for small, medium and large businesses as well.

There are three editions of G Suite; The Basic edition 30 GB storage memory and costs $7 per user per month. The Business edition has enhanced office suite with unlimited storage memory and archiving, and it costs $12 per user per month. It has unlimited storage or 1 TB per user if fewer than 5 users. The Enterprise edition is a premium office suite with the most advanced capabilities and controls that costs $30 per user per month. You can also connect it easily through business email to Gmail and also can conduct video and voice conferences. It also has unlimited storage or the same 1 TB storage per user if fewer than 5 users. It also has security and administrative controls.

Office 365

This hosting solution comes from one of the oldest and trusted software company in the IT industry. While Office 365 has brought all the neat office applications from Microsoft, online, it also provides cloud email service.

Office 365 gives you 50GB of email space with the liberty of using custom email domain address. With this solution, you can easily share working documents within your office staff and have things done quicker and ealier without any hustle.

If you simply wish to use the cloud email service, you can go for Business Essential package that only cost $5 a month, and doesn’t have any of the office applications. Or you may go for Business Premium at a cost of $12 per month so you may use the cloud office applications


Still using Free Email Hosting? It's Time to Switch to a Professional Business and
Enterprise Email Solution

Business and Enterprise email is a business email used specifically for office and corporate communications. After the rise in ease and accessibility provided by digital world and social media platforms, it was thought by many that email may not be as effective as it used to be in the past. However, with time and experience, businesses have realized that email is here to stay and still is one of the most powerful communication tools. Not only this, it is also one of the key assets of a business and can have solid influence on it.

Each day, businesses send n hundreds and thousands of emails for various business purposes. But still, many of them use free email services like Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail etc Though these email services are free and do Not cost a penny but, have you ever thought what your consumers think about them? What would you think if the business you’re working with is using generic email instead of office one? Impressions are everything and an impression that a free email host gives is not something that you’ll want for your business.

Why to Have an Official Corporate Enterprise Email Service

A free email host signals that either you cannot afford or aren’t interested in having an official email and trust us, this very thought can drive your potential clients away from you. Having an official business and enterprise email comes with a host of benefits

Enterprise Email Service

It Supports Brand and Name Recognition

Think like your customer, will you remember a business that is on a generic email hosting or someone who has its own domain name? The latter is much easy to remember and relate. Your domain name is also your corporate marketing asset and every time you communicate with it, you are marketing it to your potential customer.

There is a good reason that top brands have their own paid emails hosting and it is mainly because they want to be memorable and stick into their customer’s mind. A free email hosting signals that you’re not an established brand and probably are not taking your brand recognition seriously. Therefore, your best bet is to sign up for a registrant corporate domain email. Think like your customer, will you remember a business that is on a generic email hosting or someone who has its own domain name? The latter is much easy to remember and relate. Your domain name is also your corporate marketing asset and every time you communicate
with it, you are marketing it to your potential customer. There is a good reason that top brands have their own paid emails hosting and it is mainly because they want to be memorable and stick into their customer’s mind. A free email hosting signals that you’re not an established brand and probably are not taking your brand
ecognition seriously. Therefore, your best bet is to sign up for a registrant corporate domain email.

It Looks Professional

Professional emails should look professional and this is not only us who believe it. If you’re a business that deals with other businesses, and even clients, then having a professional email should be your utmost priority. Without an official email people will think that you are just an individual or amateur business organization who is not professional and is just starting out.

Take an example that you’re looking for some gadgets for your business and you get emails from some businesses as proposals. Now, which one would you consider? The ones with official company email or the ones with personal emails like Gmail or Hotmail? If you’re like us then you would go for the official ones. The reason is that professional emails are trustworthy and considered reliable by consumers.

Ease of Identification

It Offers Ease of Identification

With so many businesses offered ng same services and products, how will you make sure that your customer will return to you every time it needs the same kind of products or services? You cannot. No matter how great your services and products are, your potential clients will not find you unless you help them to differentiate between you other businesses. Having a professional official email hosting is an easy way to help your customers. Through it, they can remember you and find you whenever they want to work with you. You may not realize it now but believe us, having your personal business domain name email hosting is one of the best investments for your business.

Used for Marketing Purposes

Marketing is key to thriving businesses as no one is going to know about you without you going out and introducing yourself. Company email addresses are used in various marketing collateral like visiting cards, digital and print brochures, social media platforms and in SMS and email marketing. Yes, were talking about email marketing and yes it’s still an effective marketing tool.

With your official email printed in all of these places, your customers and potential clients find it easy to remember and approach you. Think about it, without an official domain name what would you place on your promotional material? Obviously, you cannot use your personal email, therefore, register for a custom domain email.

It Protects from Spams

Spamming is quite widespread and your email can be inflicted by a harmful virus or, if using a personal email, you can be attacked by spammers that just don’t go away. As a result, you’ll have your inbox full of useless emails and you’ll be stuck with loads of mails to fish out the useful ones from.

Paid email hosting and service offers protection from spam and virus as it offers filter from dangerous spam and viruses. Personal email hosting keeps you safe from getting filtered as spam, which simply me and that you’ll be cut from communication with your potential clients. Moreover, it also provides encryption and password protection so that no one could get into your business’ private domain.

It Provides the Needed Backup

Free emails do not offer the backup and security your business needs. Because you use your email to communicate with your team members and clients, it has critical data and sensitive business information. In case of remote and free emails, they may shut down or hacked any time and without any prior notice. In such condition, you will be stuck and won’t be able to do anything to save your critical business data. Paid email hosting is either supported and managed by you or by the company you work with. In both cases. You’ll have the company data safe and accessible that means your business operations will not be affected.

Needed Backup

It Offers Long Term Cost Savings

Many businesses consider investing in professional email hosting a waste of money but, give it try and they’ll notice the benefits it offers. As compared to the advantages it offers, investing in it just a fraction of it and it also offers long-term and long lasting benefits as well. For effective businesses, scalability is key and this what a paid email host offers.

Having a paid personal email host means that you will not have to change it after some time. Doing this means that with it you’ll have to reprint your marketing material also, which is even costly than going for a paid email account at the first place. Registry for a paid email hosting from the beginning will keep your identity intact and connected with your marketing efforts as your customers would still recognize you as you grow old.

It Offers Better Features

Paid email hosting has many benefits Th St you may not get with free email services. For example, many paid email hosts offer mailbox customization and you can.customize your mailbox’s capacity as per your business needs. Similarly, it also gives mail monitoring and group mailing options that are quite useful for multilevel businesses.

For big enterprises, paid email hosting services give useful options like calendar, shared contacts, backup and recovery of deleted emails. These hosts offer a number of customized packages that come with different features and benefits.

Features to Look for in an Email Hosting Provider

Now that you know how important it is to have a custom and paid email for your enterprise and business, yup must be thinking about having one for your business. However, before deciding with a company, there are several features that you need to consider.

  • Your chosen email host must allow you to have custom domain emails, which means that you should be able to use your own company domain with it
  •  Data security is a must for every business as it has to keep its business documents, client information and other content safe. While choosing, see what tools your service provider is using to endure perfect security
  •  It should be cost effective and into your budget
  • The interface is easy to use and you have complete, or nearly complete, control over your email working capacity
  •  Uninterrupted customer service is a sure thing for a good email hosting providers. See if they’re offer chat and email support and round the clock administration
  • Archiving is important to safeguard and keep important emails without cluttering the mailbox. Look for a provider who has an established archiving system and offers sufficient storage for your business

Want a Professional Email Hosting Provider?

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