Distribution Management System

Software Manager

Administrator will receive notification through SMS whenever his/her ID is used, through which any illegal access can be tracked.All options are secure with rights given by the Administrator. Any user rights can be granted to another user with one click.

images - Distribution Management System

Automize and Manual SMS System

Any kind of SMS either it is a Login SMS, Monthly Sales& Stock, Closing Stocks,TerritoryWise Sales and the list goes on. Automatic SMS is pre-defined list of SMSwhich can be refreshed by user and transmitted without any manual interaction. Due to which no mistake is possible. If any sales related person’s request for SMS, it can be completed by one click. It is a benefit for Administrator, who is notbound by its staff.

Automize and Manual Email System

All reports can be emailed via PDF. Automized Email is a pre-defined list of Emails which can be refreshed by a user and transmitted without any manual interaction. Due to which zero error is faced by the Administration as manually users send wrong reports to wrong companies which creates an unnecessary embarrassment. It is a benefit for Administrator, who is not bound by its staff.

Image Saving

All departments like Purchase, Accounts, Human Resource etc can save their related images like purchase invoices and all supplier related images, Cash or Cheque Deposit slips, Personal Cheques etc can all be saved in database. Staff related images like pictures, EOBI/CNIC Cards. With doing so Administration or related departments do not have to run for files to view the original documents with just one click to check the images, and print ifneeded.


Inventory Control  

Stocks can be maintained right from start till end. Purchase, Sale, Return etc all the heads are covered so that the stock is maintained properly. Inventory Forecast can be done easily by viewing three month’s previous sales and purchase order can be made automatically just click, revise and save.

Sales Booking Application on Android - Distribution Management System

Sales Booking Application on Android  

Sales Order can be done via android devices which is a great feature for any organization. Salesman does not have to come to office toprovide its booked orders just send it via WIFI or 3G network. Which is a great time saver for any organization.


Invoicing, no problem  

All Products are given pre-defined discount & bonus policies. All selected Customers are given pre-defined discount & bonus policies which are followed during Sales & Purchase invoices entry. Even Mode of Payment for customer is fixed by administrator. Sales Order which are previously stored are automatically invoiced on its date of dispatch.

Customers Cheque - Distribution Management System

Customers Cheque  

Receivable in any form is locked, until and unless it is paid or stock is returned. But if it is paid via Cheque then it has to be controlled, as for a big organization where big quantity of cheques are laying in accounts department, then its very crucial that they are sent to bank on proper time. Automized deposit of cheques is guaranteed in our system. If cheque is returned by bank then it goes back to receivable system towards customer account.

Date Controlled

Administrator controls the date for executing software by which no work is done back dated as to stop any wrong entries.


In-depth reporting is present may it be sales, purchase, receivable, accounts all is covered.Territory Sales Report which are brick wise. Receivables are party wise, company wise or salesman wise with aging.

Human Resource

Automized attendance system for salary, advances, loans etc. are hassle free. Targets andcommission are automatically calculated. Delivery Vehicle System provides meter reading andmillage coverage with payment and adjustment entry in salary.