Rackspace Email Hosting

Rackspace Email Hosting

Business runs on email and email often runs on Outlook. Using secure IMAP, Email is  fully compatible with Outlook (and any other desktop email client); both on Windows and  Macs. It also plugs seamlessly into email applications on tablets and smartphones.


Best Enterprise Email Solution

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Guaranteed Uptime

Uptime matters when it comes to emails. All of your email hosting servers are guaranteed to  give you uptime, all the time.

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Privacy & Protection

Unlike other popular email providers, puts privacy at the forefront. With complete data  encryption and no email tracking for ad keywords generation, you will find it the most reliable.

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Webmail & Apps

Webmail is powerful enough to be your everyday — every email — messaging application. In  addition to robust email capabilities, it also features collaboration apps and tools to help your  business collaborate and communicate more effectively.

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Fully Secured Environment

All tests performed at Boundless Technologies are done in a sandboxed secure environment.  The analytical testing mechanism is handled by experienced and expert engineers.

Keep Your Business Running From Anywhere

Stay connected on your mobile, tablet, desktop, or Rackspace Webmail.


With Boundless Technologies Email, you can keep your Outlook! Our secure POP & IMAP access works  with most desktop applications and practically any version of Outlook.
You’ll also have unlimited access to our Email Client Setup Tool which helps take the pain out of getting  up and running.
Boundless Technologies Email works perfectly with:
● Microsoft Outlook
● Apple Mail
● Mozilla Thunderbird


Take advantage of the powerful communication and collaboration features in Webmail.
Along with an easy-to-use, familiar email interface, Webmail also features the essential calendaring and  contact features your business needs. 100% Uptime Guarantee, and you have a webmail application that’s tough to beat.


Use your mobile phone or tablet to send and receive email from any POP or IMAP connection.

Choose  from 2 options:

● Native Email Application  Use our simple Email Setup Tool to quickly and easily get your email in your phone or tablet’s  native email application.
● Webmail mobile site  Log into your Email account from any smartphone or mobile device using our optimized mobile  site. Access Webmail mobile at: apps.rackspace.com/mobile .

Webmail mobile gives you access to:
● Mail and folders
● Contacts
● Calendar
● Tasks
● Notes

Rackspace Email Features

Rackspace Email FeaturesMailbox / Per Month

$$ 2.00/mo
  • Fully Managed web based email service 
  • 25GB mailboxes per user 
  • 50MB attachment per message 
  • Premium spam & Virus protection 
  • Secure IMAP (for Outlook and Mobile) 
  • Domain Alias 
  • 100% application uptime guarantee SLA
  • Dual screening anti-virus protection 
  • Easy to use email control panel 
  • Email @ your domain 
  • Email forwarding 
  • Web-based, anywhere access 
  • Advanced message-filtering 
  • Email “undelete” 
  • Multiple identities and signatures