What is SSL Certification and how can you use it as a powerful marketing tactic? Learn which type is best for your business

December 4, 2018
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6 copy - What is SSL Certification and how can you use it as a powerful marketing tactic? Learn which type is best for your business

No matter how big or small a business is, security is a must feature for it as no business wants to compromise or lose its hard earned trust by putting their customers and clients information at stake. Websites, especially the ones collecting financial information like ecommerce sites, needs to have perfectly intact security locks and system.

SSL or Security Sockets Layer is a digital security certification meant for securing your website from any possible invading and other harmful activities. Though we believe that SSL is a must for every website but, it is especially important for businesses who collect some sort of information from their visitors. Ecommerce, magazines and blogs usually collect information like names, email addresses, phone numbers, bank account and other payment details. To keep the respective information safe, SSL Certification is becoming more than important for every business.

SSL works with encryption method; all the communication between the visitor’s system and the website is encrypted and indiscernible for the third party. This system works well as through it, the hackers and immoral people are not likely to get your information and do anything to hack your visitor’s system or personal information.

However, besides providing high-end security to your website, SSL Certification offers some significant promotional benefits for your business.

It helps building trust

building trust

People will be interested in working with you when they’ll know that your website is safe for them. Today’s consumer is smarter than yesterday and they know whether your website is safe or not, which influence their behaviour and interaction with you. Think like your consumer, will you go forward with a business or website about which you know that it’s not safe? No one would.

SSL secured websites have https, which signals the visitors whether the website is safe or not and your users will stop if they realize that you are not safe for them, they will not trust you. Probably the biggest advantage of SSL Certification is that it helps building trust with your consumers; it signals that whatever information they will give you will be safe and not used to spam them or to hack their system, which means return visits and more business.

It boosts your search engine rankings

search engine rankings

According to Google’s Webmaster Trends, the search engine mogul has made SSL a part of its ranking algorithm, which means that an SSL certificate can help boosting your search rankings. In its quest of giving unparallel and secure search experience, Google is working its way towards making it a must for every business.

Think about it, earning an SSL certificate will make your website a safe platform for your users as well as help you earn favour from Google’s algorithm. The company is endlessly working on its algorithm and making it more intelligent and human like; this constant changes have caused major ranking crush down for many business. Google is working to make SSL a part of its ranking method and your best bet to be on its good side is to get your website SSL certified.

Chrome indicates if a website is unsafe


With its updated and advanced version, Chrome actually send an indication if a user is about to enter an insecure website. Being a part of the search giant, it is actively at work sending warnings and notices to visitors when they encounter a website, which is risky to visit. With significant access to information, it has become easy for the hackers to creep into the web users’ system and SSL certificate is built to counteract this situation.

Having a SSL certificate can boost your conversion rate significantly, as when the visitor will see that you are safe to work with, they will choose you. Similarly, if Chrome indicates that your site is insecure and risky to make contact, many of your existing and potential customers may choose to stay away from you, adversely affecting the business sales.

SSL signals that you care

We like when someone cares about us and make efforts for our betterment; your customers are just like you and would really appreciate your gesture and efforts for their security and well being. SSL certificate is a way of telling them that you care about keeping their data safe from any potential dangers, which ensure them, that you are trust worthy, reliable and safe to be in contact with and pose no harm to their personal and financial information.

With an outspread of internet and transforming of our world into a global village, internet is exploding with emerging businesses. In such a case, knowing and identifying the legitimacy of any business has become challenging than ever. These SSL certificates signals and ensures to your users that you are trust worthy organization and reliable to worth with.

How to choose the right SSL Certificate for your website?

Different SSL certificates offer different benefits and competencies; therefore, choosing the right type involves some research. Below we have discussed the existing types of SSL certificates to help you get going.

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