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Zoho CRM  

Whether you’re a business looking to expand your operations or just want to try its functionality for your business, Zoho is sure to offer you the best and effective business solution. Zoho is an award winning Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software that is web based and assists businesses in acquiring, retaining and satisfying clients to grow and expand the business. With so much benefits at hand, finding the right and licensed service provider is a sure thing if you want to rear it’s full benefits. Boundless Technologies is a licensed Zoho CRM service provider that helps businesses in implementing and managing the software for various business purposes.

Zoho CRM for Businesses  

Zoho offers an array of benefits for multiple sized businesses and no matter at what corporate level you are, Zoho is all set and designed to help you. It’s core functionality lies in managing business leads and contacts for future sales, however, it also works to manage sales pipeline and purchasing. The interface is easy to use and extremely scalable as it could be extended as per the business need. The dashboard is customizable and you can tailor it easily as per the requirements and apart from the basic web and desktop dashboard, it has a noteworthy mobile platform that perks best for Every Business.

Besides, Zoho CRM can be integrated with other applications as well like Google Apps, MailChimp, Microsoft Outlook and a number of other cloud based apps. It automates daily sales tasks and not only helps converting the leads into buyers, but also imports potential leads from various external sources. Some crucial Zoho CRM features include:

  • Sales forecasting and automation
  • Social and mobile CRM
  • Lead and Workflow management
  • Productivity and MailMagnet
  • Document library and website forms integration management And many more.
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With CRM, you get  


Improvement in lead conversion rates.


Revenue increase per sales person.


Improvement in customer retention.


Decreased sales cycles.


Decreased sales and marketing costs.

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Zoho CRM Integration with Boundless Technologies

Boundless Technologies’ Zoho CRM administrators are professionally trained and skilled individuals that know how to work with each of its module. Instead of Integrating the entire CRM at the same time, we work with our clients to understand the or requirements first and then advising them. Once integrated, we are here to help and support them at each step and to make sure that they are well stacked.

We are painstakingly thorough and go extra miles to ensure perfect security for your business and crucial corporate data. We bring substantial experience with us as we have worked with myriad businesses and they are witness to the benefits and business growth they acquired as a part of working with us. Our dedicated experts study each business and integrate the required modules with them along with giving training and constant support.

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53 %

Higher conversion rates.


Higher annualized growth rate.